Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sometimes, you try your hardest to get a good video...yet your child is too engrossed with anything and everything besides you.

And sometimes, you get a priceless video :)

Wish List Wednesday

Because money doesn't grow on trees - and it is always fun to window shop...

I'm really digging this new camera by Samsung. Where was this back in my college years, when we would try to take our own picture and inevitably digitally decapitate someone!

So, I only have 1 GB left on my computer. You can imagine how slow it runs. That, and I may or may not have dropped it last year after my c-section, when I was hopped up on morphine. This pretty pink Sony Vaio would be awesome!

I need to get on the ball and find some scholarship money for my Master's degree. I plan on starting (again) in the Spring. I've been accepted to a few schools, but need to choose a degree program that works with my schedule - and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

And finally, I need to get away! Seriously! A cruise would be the most perfect thing in the world right now.

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Techno Tuesday

Daytime Cuties

Can you guess what we were doing?

Every night, we have dancey-dance time for about thirty minutes. We turn on the satellite radio and tune into different channels. Tonight, it was Techno Tuesday! We bought these cute light bracelets at the grocery store for a dollar. The girls had SO much fun!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Denial (which by the way, isn't in Egypt)

I need a paper bag to breath in.

I can't handle the fact that my babies are turning one in two days. I simply refuse to accept it. Since these girls will likely be my only two children, I'd like to keep them babies for a little longer. I'm thinking about another three years. Then they have my permission to become toddlers. I suppose I should inform Audrey of this change in schedule, since she is practically running already (of course, with the help of her walkers, our furniture, and the Laugh n Learn table). Natalie seems to have gotten the memo, what with her refusal (still) to stand and all. I keep telling her she that is the baby of the family.

Someone tell me it will be alright.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Star Wars

This might be the most exciting thing to happen to me all year - my dad bought us floor tickets, on the 8th row, to STAR WARS IN CONCERT!!!! My inner nerd is jumping for joy!

How much of a dork would I be to dress up in costume? I'm thinking Mara Jade since my hair is somewhat reddish....or Barriss since it would be an easy costume. Though I should go as Asajj Ventress since I have the red lightsaber :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So today I tried to work with fondant for the first time. I plan on decorating the girls' cake with polka dots and a lion on top. I think my trial run went ok - I can make it better by Friday, what do you think?

I love that Natalie was looking for a kitty under the couch!

And Audrey is a beast, I'm sure she could take on a toddler:

She is SO close to walking!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Pictures & Videos

Sweet Sisters

Dinner time

The girls' cousin, Lily

There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Audrey chilling in the Snuggie

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gap Casting Call

I've entered the girls in the Gap Casting Call photo contest.

Go check it out and vote!

And if your little one is in the contest, leave a comment with the link and I'll be sure to vote, too :)

New Project

I promise that this isn't becoming a craft blog, but I finally finished my apple hat and have moved on! I am making a hat simiar to this (pattern here) for the girls to wear on a daily basis over the winter. Since I've yet to buy their winter coats (not that we really need them here for more than a month or two), I wanted to stay somewhat neutral. I picked out a beautiful cream chunky weight yarn for the hat, and a pretty pink/green/mauve for the flowers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You!

A HUGE thank you to my friend Catherine! She saw my post a while back for Wishlist Wednesday about a cute little hat, and decided to make one for the girls. It arrived in the mail today and it is simply precious. She also made the beautiful pink and green afghan draped over the chair that we take our monthly pictures on.

Catherine was my student almost 7 years ago when I student taught high school. She has since graduated college and is engaged. How crazy is that? I certainly don't feel that old!

Audrey is in love with the hat. She wore it around today, only taking it off to give it a slobbery kiss and hug.

Natalie, on the other hand, wasn't too sure about it

Knitting Projects

I am still working on my apple knit hat. I only get a few minutes in here and there. My students are obsessed with my knitting, though. Many of our 8th graders are taught to knit in Service Learning so they can create scarves to donate. So they love seeing other teachers knit. I've had many requests for teenage size fruit hats, which I just have to laugh at.

My finished pumpkin

My almost finished apple

I know you're totally jealous of my Darth Vader light.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look at Audrey go!

It's like bumper cars, but with babies:

And two minutes of Natalie being a whiny butt

Couponing 101

Last night I attended my Mothers of Multiples meeting and they shared some wonderful information on couponing. Here are some tips on getting started:

1. Stay organized! Purchase a three ring binder and clear baseball card pages to store your coupons in. This makes your coupons easier to see than an accordian coupon file.

2. If you frequent a certain grocery store, take a pen and paper the next time to write down the aisles/products and keep that list in the front of your binder. That way you can organize your coupons by aisle (like aisle 5 is the cereal/coffee aisle and all coupons for those items would go on that page in your binder).

3. Bring a calculator. Don't be fooled by an item on sale - sometimes those larger items cost more per ounce/pound/diaper than the smaller package not on sale.

4. Take some time to look at these couponing websites!

5. Ask your local grocery store if they accept competitors coupons, or have days where they double/triple coupons.

6. Create an email to use specifically for signing up at product websites. Go to your pantry and sign up for EVERY product that you use. Often you will get coupons for those products, as well as free samples in the mail.

7. If you shop Publix, sign up for their Baby and Preschool Club - these have wonderful coupons!

Hope this information is helpful to you. I'm all about finding good deals and saving money, so I hope to try some of these tips.

After our meeting, we all went out and I got one of these - yummmy!

And this is what my children did while I was at my meeting - they had a dance party!


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