Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bah Humbug

I feel like a real Ebenezer Scrooge this year. I'm not quite sure why...but I do. My dad put up a few Christmas lights outside - and I'm already ready for them to come down. I don't want to put up my Christmas tree, or deal with stockings, garland, and ornaments. I did put up a small pink "mis mis twee" in the girls' room.

I'm not sure why I feel so grumpy about Christmas this year. I've never taken the girls to see Santa, and don't think I want to start until they are older. I imagine at this point in time, it would simply just be torture for me & Santa. We've not done Christmas pictures yet, and I'm dreading addressing Christmas cards.

My shopping is almost done, basically because I'm not getting people gifts. I simply just don't have the funds this year. The girls are each getting one gift, and one gift to share. All the grandparents will get a photo book of the girls that I've been working on (and really need to finish).

Even watching Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving did nothing to get me in the holiday mood. Can we just skip Christmas this year and go straight to New Years Eve?


  1. No! I need you to come over to my house and I'll whip you into shape :) I will admit I am a Christmas junkie, but shopping for me is very stressful. I also don't have funds to get everyone what they want and what I want them to have, but remember it's not the point. The grandparents will love the photo book... I used to do a photo calendar for my parents (separately to take to work) and it was always their favorite gift. It's usually the cheaper more thoughtful things that make everyone's day! Remember the people who really love you will understand (and not think twice) about the gift situation.
    Keep your chin up girl!

  2. We save just a little bit each month, we have what's called a Christmas Club account at our bank. They hold the funds and release them in October, then we dont' have to worry about not having cash, because we've saved the whole year. We're doing homemade gifts for our girl this year. Just a bit of money for materials and she'll have some cool stuff. You could always knit the girls some scarves, play food, or etc. I'm using felt and embroidery thread and making 'felt play food' for my daughter. $20 and it will make a whole fridge/pantry full of play food for her. I know your girls already have a lot of toys, but you could easily put some extra things under the tree that they could use (homemade) without it costing too much. Then again, they're probably too young to know any different. Our daughter will be happy with a few pkgs and she's the same age. I agree that homemade things like photo calendars are awesome. Have you heard about the shutterfly blog photo thing? You blog about the company and you get 50 free cards? I posted about it and several other bloggers have, too. They will even mail them for you if you want. I did a 'year in review' card and just used photos we already had. Didn't have to take fussy holiday pictures. I chose to address my own, but only because I'm too lazy to type in everyone's addresses! I'm not really in a festive mood yet this year, but it's more about the 'reason' for the holiday for us, anyway!

  3. Sorry you are having a tough time finding your Christmas spirit.
    I have never posted on your blog before but I am a big fan of yours. I cannot believe all you do on your own! I am a MOM as well, having a tough time in my own marriage and you give me the hope that someday I may be able to do it all on my own. I realize this was not the point of your blog entry, but as my Christmas gift to you I wanted to say THANK YOU! You are strong and I truly admire you. I hope you and your girls have a fabulous Christmas! Best of luck.


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