Friday, December 17, 2010

How I Spent Icemageddon

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a 2 hour delay. Woo hoo! This meant that I'd get to sleep until 8:30, wake up, get ready, play with the girls for a bit, and then head off to a short day at work. About an hour later, my dad called to tell me school had been called off.

I looked out my window. Nothing. No snow, no ice, no slush, not even dew on my car's windshield. Really? I hope that one lone patch of ice on some back mountainous road is very happy that school was called off due to "hazardous driving conditions" and now one of my Spring Break days is gone.

Anyway, my day was SPECTACULAR!!

Natalie went to time-out about a million times for hitting Audrey. When I'd go break up the cat fight, Natalie would hit me and say "No, stop it momma!". She's a feisty one, but luckily she's really good at time-out. She stands there for two minutes by herself, and when I call her out she'll come say "Sorry momma, sorry sissy" and give hugs. When I asked her if she planned on hitting again, she said "Yeah, maybe". Oye.

We played "dress-up". And by "dress-up", I mean my children begged to wear swim suits, silk lounge pants, sandals, snow hats, and mittens.

I spent $457 on two freaking tires and a new wheel rim. The week before Christmas.

And last, but SO not least....THIS:

What happened? I was changing Natalie's diaper after dinner. My parents had just left from a visit, where my dad had been playing with the girls in the playroom. The door was open, so I didn't think twice letting Audrey wander down the hallway. I even asked her if she was playing in the playroom and she said "Yeah". I finished Natalie's diaper, threw it away, washed my hands, and realized it was really, really quiet. I ran to the playroom, and Audrey was no where to be found. I saw the hall bathroom door cracked (ahem, thanks for leaving it open, Dad). Audrey was in there, pleased as punch, with every roll of toliet paper she could find (and even the empties from the trash bin) stuffed in the commode.

Natalie walked in and said "Eww, yucky MESS!!".

Last night I didn't pray for a snow day, or a 2-hour delay. I prayed for year round school.


  1. "yeah, maybe" LOL...such honesty:)she's like "hey, ya never know when the need to open up a can of smackdown will arise mamma"

  2. oh my gosh, that picture of the toilet is hilarious!! Another day of busy girls!! GOtta love miss Natalie's honesty about hitting 8-)

  3. jen you are too funny. hope christmas break is better than your "snow" day!

  4. That first picture of Nat standing in the corner made me giggle, so cute!

  5. ooh boy...
    just think -- we get 7 "banked" snow days this year -- so I don't even get to pray for that option because we'll most likely use them.

    and if they don't use all 7 -- they usually give us an extra day here or there....


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