Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Farmer In The Dell

Friday, October 29, 2010

Can You Tell?

Can you tell what my favorite holiday is? Though to be fair, the only decor I have at my house are a few pumpkins and fall/harvest things put up on high shelves. Somehow it's easier to keep 130 kids from touching my Halloween decorations than keeping two toddlers out of them!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goof Troop

Usually after bath time, I get the girls dressed and we watch an episode of Sesame Street (their new love in life is Elmo). The girls play, hug, kiss, and even wrestle with each other and with me. I love the time right before bed!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Girl Bedding

So I've spent the past few months searching for the perfect big girl bedding for the girls. Currently, the room they share is painted a pepto pink and dark brown. I was never a fan of the colors, and I have been wanting to repaint it for some time now. Since they'll be going into their big girl beds sometime soon, I figured I'd give their room a whole new look. There really are no wall decorations in there, so I have an empty canvas to work with.

But I've had the hardest time finding what I want! I'd love to paint their room a light orchid color, something along these lines:

I had found the perfect bedding at Pottery Barn Kids - but at $80 for JUST the quilt, and then another $30 for a sham, and Lord only knows how much for the sheet set, I said no way.

Instead, I've found someone on Etsy who will make the sheet, comforter, sham and bed skirt for around $50 - including getting to choose the fabric I want!

So for the comforter, I think I'm choosing this:

Back of the comforter:

The bed skirt:

And the sheet:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I'm about to begin Christmas shopping for the girls. I've been window shopping for some time now, but I knew if I actually bought them anything before, say, November - that I'd be likely to just give it to them.

So I'm working on clearing out the playroom, and giving away some of their "baby" toys to their cousin Lily and my friend's daughter Natalia (like the Laugh n Learn kitchen, table & house, Sing Along Stage, and anything else that they'd use to climb on and try to tip over - ha!).

Both girls are really into their babies; especially Audrey. She is such a good little mommy. I thought about buying them each an American Girl Bitty Twin - but $95 for dolls is still a little steep for their age. I'd LOVE to buy them Felicity & Elizabeth, since they have their coloring and are retiring this year - but they are still way too young for those. Therefore, I think we'll keep the little dolls we have now, and I'll dig out some of their preemie outfits to dress them in. I might even buy a pack of tiny diapers. I found this super adorable bunk bed and high chair set and put it on my Amazon Wishlist (that I keep to remind myself of what I want to buy).

The girls are also really into watching me get ready in the morning. Sometimes I feel like the King of England who always had an audience while dressing. Though I doubt he had to get anyone chocolate milk and Cheerios. So I think the girls would really enjoy a vanity set. I mean, it might keep them from doing this with my makeup:

And to go along with the vanity, I've been meaning to get them a trunk of dress up clothes. Target has a really cute set for around $20 that I like.

Finally, I'll get them a cheap-o set of pots and pans. Right now they only have plates, cups and bowls - so I always find fruits and veggies stuffed into cups in their toy oven. While I really love the metal ones they have, toys are often flying projectiles in our house, so we'll stick with plastic.

My parents were surprised me yesterday by saying they already bought the girls' a swing set for Christmas. Chances are, we'll put it up in the Spring after I fence in my back yard - so we'll just store it in my garage until then.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Under the Weather

It's been quite the mundane weekend, that's for sure. The girls went with their dad yesterday to trick-or-treat downtown. After they left the house, I went to Exigent Care to get checked out. I'd been running a fever, had congestion and felt very yucky. Thankfully I was in and out within 20 minutes, and given a scrip for antibiotics. I came home last night and slept from 8:30pm until 9:30 this morning. I woke up, ran to the grocery store, and fell asleep for another two hours. I still feel pretty bad. The girls came home around 1, and were hopped up on sugar and napless. It's been a real fun day. I definitely don't think we'll make Boo in the Zoo this afternoon (I mean, it starts in like 15 minutes and I'm still in pajamas). We'll go to the Fall Festival next week of the church we've been visiting.

Here are two pictures that Bryan took of the girls last night. I had actually sent my camera along with them, but he didn't realize until after they got home.

And here are two from yesterday after the Thank You card photoshoot. The girls realized that the table they had been sitting on turns upside down - and that raisins fit down the legs. Such odd children.

Now I'm off to hide the pumpkins full of candy, lol. They've been sitting on the counter since the girls got home and they just yell and point "Pumpkin! Sucker! Yummmm!"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You

It only took me three weeks, but I finally shot and picked a picture for our Thank You cards for the girls' birthday.

Nevermind that Audrey pulled out her bow...

Or Natalie has cereal on her face...

Or Audrey picked up her lovies and they made the picture...

The fact of the matter is that they were both looking at ME at the same time. And that, folks, makes this picture a winner.

Don't you love my Snuggie used as a background? Haha.

And here is what the cards look like (ordered at 1 Hour photo from Walmart).

Friday, October 22, 2010

So Many Things...

There are just so many fun things that are coming up! Seriously, even though I usually hate the Fall/Winter weather (because it's usually just cold and rainy) - I love all of the fun things that we can do.

This weekend, Bryan and I plan on taking the girls to Boo in the Zoo on Sunday. I'm so excited to dress the girls up as Alice & the Queen of Hearts.

Next weekend, the girls will be with their dad Saturday night and I'll be going to the huge Halloween party at the Hyatt with my girlfriends. I went last year and it was insane. They literally had to turn people away because there were too many. The costume are ridiculously crazy, and they had a local dance company come in and do the Thriller dance. I've worked on my costume for a while now, and all I have to do is pick up some red shoes.

November 13 is a local 5k race for my school. It's called iMove, and we're trying to get people in our community to participate to raise funds for our PTA. I've signed up to WALK it with the girls. Here's hoping I survive because most of it is uphill, and even off road/pavement. I'll definitely need to pump the Bumbleride's tires (or get one of my students to help push, lol). If you are local to Greenville, or Upstate SC, please email me and we'd LOVE to have you participate!

And my birthday is coming up December 1. I'd love to do a small getaway, or something fun or different.

So much to do!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing Outside

Yesterday after work, we went outside to enjoy the weather with a nice walk/run, and then playing with chalk and balls.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things My Children Do To Embarrass Me

* When taking them into a public restroom, they routinely shout out and chant in unison "Poop, toot, shoo-wee, pee-pee".

* They love to point out body parts. And not like my eye, nose or mouth. But more along the lines of my boob, butt or belly button. Complete with shirt lifting action.

* Natalie actively refuses to walk outside on dirt, grass or mulch. When I try to set her down, she clings like a monkey and yells "OUCH! Momma, OUCH! Nooo!" - making everyone within a half mile radius think I'm abusing my child.

* They both like to stick their fingers up their nose and dig around.

* Sometimes the word duck sounds like...well, you know.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry, I've been really busy lately. We went to the pumpkin patch Saturday, I had a date that night (it went well - will be going out again this coming weekend), cleaned and grocery shopped Sunday, carved our pumpkin, back to school Monday, and today I've actually taken off to go to a dentist appointment. It's not until 10:30, so I was able to sleep until 8:00, and Audrey and I are hanging out (Natalie is still sleeping). The girls are doing great, I'm doing great, we're all just so busy.

So...some pictures!

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