Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Princess & The Tomboy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

15 Weeks

I promise that I will take a bump picture at some point in time this week. I've just been incredibly busy. We are fixing to install new flooring (yay for getting rid of awful carpet), and I'm working on writing a curriculum guide for our new state standards for our district.

Edit: I've been guilted. Here's a pic of me, sans makeup, at 11:00pm after a looong day.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 15 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby NoMo is about 4" long, and roughly the size of a naval orange.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still at +2 pounds. I swear I ate more not pregnant than I do now. I just feel full a lot faster than I did before.

Maternity Clothes: My friend Michelle gave me a bag of maternity clothes (thanks, girl!). The maxi dress is my pregnant friend.

Gender: I've caught myself saying "he" several times this week. Only a week and a half until we find out.

Movement: I'm 90% sure it's not gas I'm feeling anymore!

Sleep: Awesome! I get up maybe once in the middle of the night to use the restroom. The girls have been at home for over a week, and won't be visiting their dad anytime in the near future (his choice) - so sleep is back on track! They are in bed and quiet by 9:00. Eddie leaves for work around 5:30am, and between then and 6:30, Natalie comes to sleep next to my bed on the floor (her choice) and Audrey climbs in next to me. We're able to sleep until 8:30-9:00 that way.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back and stomach. These last few days it's been near impossible to do that.

Cravings: Nothing insane. In fact, I'm finding it hard to find things that I want to eat. Not that they sound gross or make me want to gag, I'm just not interested.

Symptoms: My clothes don't fit - ha!

Best moment this week: Audrey kissing my belly and saying "Mama's baby".

It's Always Interesting...

Today, my co-worker and I got together to write the district curriculum guide for our new standards. While I was gone for 3 hours, my parents came over to hang out with the girls. It's always interesting to grab my camera, and find pictures I didn't take :)

The girls - on cell phones, lounging in Emma's chair (which we store in the closet when she's not here so the girls don't play on it). Also, Audrey's mad that Angry Birds doesn't work on her Blackberry.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Stacey said...
I was going to ask this yesterday when you talked about changing your name, but it will work great here too! Do you plan on changing the name of your blog?

Yes! I've already bought a domain name, and am having Becca from Jumping Jax Designs create an all new layout. I hope to go live with everything in mid-July.

Anonymous said...
First of all, congrats on everything! I love all the pics of the 3 girls. I was wondering how the ralationship is between Eddie and Emma's mom. And how does she feel about everything - wedding, baby, Emma's pics on your blog, etc.

Their relationship revolves only around Emma. For instance, he will text to ask how she is doing, and his ex-wife will respond. There's no chitter chatter or small talk. She offered congratulations on our wedding and the baby, and said Emma was excited about everything. As far as my blog goes, I have no earthly idea if she even knows it exists. Of course Eddie does, and has absolutely no problem with pictures of Emma on here.

Shelley said...
What are the girls going to call Eddie/What does Emma call you? I grew up calling my step-dad by his first name,Eric. My step-grandmother(his mom) always thought that was so rude of me..that I should call him Mr.Eric. I had a few friends that called their step-parents Mom or Dad. My mom tried to get me to call Eric, Dad, at first, but I just couldn't. Even though I see Eric way more than I see my dad, and even though Eric practically raised me, he is NOT my father. So just out of curiosity, what will Eddie be to your girls and what will you be to Emma?

Emma calls me Jennifer. She has a mommy, and I am not here to replace her. The girls do call Eddie by his first name as well. However, when Emma is around, they'll sometimes call him "Eddie Daddy" and me "Jennifer". They are little parrots. While we do correct them if they call him "Daddy", if, in the future, that's what they choose to call him, it doesn't bother me. It takes a lot more than visiting once or twice a month to be a daddy.

Devon said...
How did your ex react when he found out you were getting remarried?
How did he react when he found out you were pg again?
:) love following your blog, it is sooo awesome!

The first night he said "congratulations, the girls will love being big sisters". After it sunk in, he threw an epic tantrum the next night sending texts saying that the girls would only be half sisters, and that I enjoy keeping them from him. To that, I sent him a Google calendar filled out with his visitation, and the amount of times I record when he no calls/no shows.

Lindsay said...
Hey Jennifer, I have a few questions!

I was wondering what your sleeping arrangements were when you have Emma? I knew Natalie and Audrey had their own rooms, who does she share with? Is this helping or hindering the sleep issues your household seems to be experiencing?
How do you plan to change sleeping arrangements once the baby arrives?

I thought I read Eddie lived about 45 minutes away. Did he own that house, if so are you selling it?

How are the girls dealing with their new respective stepparents?

I'm sorry I have so many questions, the dynamic of your exciting new family is very interesting!

The girls do have their own rooms. Emma is used to falling asleep with her daddy, so that's what we've been doing while she stays here. We don't want to rush her into things, and we want to make her feel comfortable. She also stays up a little later than the girls do. So what typically happens, is we put the girls down to sleep (and they have done GREAT this week while Emma is here), Eddie & Emma watch some cartoons, and she falls asleep. Eddie then transfers her to our room in case she wakes up in the middle of the night and is scared. We do plan on buying bunk beds (to separate while they are young) that have a trundle. We'll let the girls pick where they want to sleep while Emma is here. The baby will sleep in my room until probably 6+ months, like the girls did. We also hope to add on to our house.

Eddie has moved in. He did not own his own house, so we don't have the stress of selling one to deal with, thankfully.

The girls love Eddie, and he is wonderful with them. Their relationship is a bit different than the one I have with Emma, though. They are at home with Eddie every single day, whereas I only get to see Emma every other weekend, every other Thursday night, and vacations during winter, spring and summer.

jenn said...
are you guys living at your house or eddie's?

My house.

Anonymous said...
How did your girls adjust to "another" dad moving in after being only girls for awhile? How did Emma adjust to living with your girls after being (I presume) an only child?

Obviously a blessing, but you seemed pretty adamant about not having more kids previously and throughout your pregnancy - did it take some time for you to embrace this one?

Nosy in CA

The girls have done so well adjusting to Eddie living with us. They love having an extra person to play with them. Emma really enjoys coming over here to play with the girls. Even though she is an only child, her mother lives at home with her parents, and she has a lot of younger siblings. So while Emma is the youngest by 2 or 3 years, she's definitely not the only child in the house.

Yes, it has taken some time. In fact, a lot of time to embrace this pregnancy. We kept the secret to ourselves for about two weeks, until I had my first appointment. Looking back, my mom says I looked shell shocked on Easter (the day after we found out). I'm just worried things could end up complicated like last time - and with 3 little girls already, I can't deal with that again!

Anonymous said...
I feel like I have a million questions for you! First of all I am so happy and excited for you! I have been following your blog since your pregnancy with the girls.

Did you take Eddy's last name?

Are you going to continue to call the blog the Foster Family?

How did you share your good news with Bryan and Eddy's ex wife?

Did they take it well?

Please Please share potential baby names!!

Do you have any advice for solo traveling with 19 month old twins? We hit the road next week...

I hope my questions aren't way too personal or out of line...

Yes, I did take his last name (Wike). The girls are keeping their last names, though.

No, I've already bought a new domain name and we'll call this blog These Four, No More. It'll redirect out of this blog, though.

I shared the news over text. I prefer having a written record of conversations, and we'd not seen him in over 3 weeks to tell him in person. Emma actually shared some of our news to her mom, but Eddie confirmed it in person with his ex-wife.

It was half and half for taking it well.

Baby names we like: Amelia, Heidi, Paige, Corbin, Preston

Tips: Portable DVD player and LOTS of snacks!

Anonymous said...
These are dumb but...

Are you back on TheBump now?

Do you think you will eventually end this blog? I admire you for being so open and honest about your life, but you have to get plenty of crazies following you. Is it worth it to air everything out in such a public forum? How does Eddie feel about this blog and his daughter being on it now? His ex?

I actually never left The Bump! I always lurked on some boards, but predominatly post on the SP board.

I'm sure I will eventually. I'm actually really ADHD, and am super surprised I've kept up with this for over 3 years. I actually don't have a lot of crazies following me. In fact, I probably have only had one or two rude commenters in all these years. I definitely don't air out everything, but I've had so many women going through similar relationship troubles, trying to leave abusive, lying, cheating spouses - and if they can reach out to me for support, then it's worth it. Eddie likes my blog, not sure if his ex knows about it.

Anonymous said...
Are you going to get a bigger house? Who is going to take care of the girls when you go back to work? Are you going back to work? Who will take care of the new baby? :) Are you going to post new recipes soon?

Probably not any time soon. I'm still upside down in my house and would owe quite a bit to sell it in this market. My mom & new mother-in-law both want to watch the kids. We'll probably have one do Monday/Wednesday and the other Tuesday/Thursday. Eddie is off work Fridays, so he'll be in the trenches that day. And yes, I will go back to work. I love my job, and it keeps me sane (most days).

Hopefully I'll have some recipes one of these days. I've been in a cooking rut, cooking the same thing over & over for the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...
why is this baby called nomo? or nomore?

Because there will not be anymore children after this one. 4 is plenty for us!

Shannon said...
First of all, congratulations on everything! So happy for you! I was just wondering what Eddie does for a living?

He is a machinist that works at a small company that hand makes parts for larger companies.

Anonymous said...
What are your thoughts on daycare?

It's expensive! I've been thankful to have people who want to watch my children for me. I do plan on finding a MDO program for the girls, and they will start preschool Fall 2012.

Anonymous said...
It's obvious that you and Eddie are happy and in love but I was curious if the decision to wed was based on the pregnancy or if you had already planned on marriage so quickly?

We had seriously discussed marriage before finding out we were pregnant. But yes, we did rush the actual marriage because of the new baby. With two court orders, it just made the most legal sense for us.

Beatrice said...
what is it like being pregnant and adding a brand new baby into a whole new family? like you have your twins, plus your new stepdaughter, and eddie... also how does your family feel about everything as well? do they like emma and eddie?

Terrifying? Scary? Exciting? It's really a mix of many different feelings. My family loves Eddie & Emma. In fact, my very pessimistic sister said she was so happy that Eddie & I were getting married because he's awesome.

Anonymous said...
Congrats of your marriage and NOMO (lol). There are some awesome questions on here, can't wait to read your answer. Here is one for you... If you won a lottery what would you do with the winnings?

Buy a bigger house!

Sarah-Anne said...
more abt that sweet babe you're growing & life as a new family, pleaseandthankyou!! :)

That will come eventually :) This is getting long winded as it is, lol.

Anonymous said...
You seem so close to your parents, how do they feel about all these changes! Congrats!

They are very happy & excited for us.

Anonymous said...
I am a little late, but how is newly married life in general? If I remember correctly, didn't you have an agreement with your ex about not having overnight and/or live-in guests unless you were married? If so, has it be an adjustment finally being able to officially live together?

It hasn't been much of an adjustment, really. Eddie would come here as soon as he got off work anyway, and the girls would go to bed before he left. It was just a lot of driving and gas money! It's actually been very nice - I haven't had to do the dishes or take out the trash in a very long time!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Q & A

It has been a while since I've done a Q & A session, and a lot has happened in our lives. So...I figured I'd give y'all a chance to be as nosy as I usually am, and ask any questions (within reason) that you can think of. I'll work on the Answers post over the weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We have had Emma since last Friday, since Eddie gets her an additional 4 weeks during the summer. On Monday & Tuesday, her grandparents came to pick her up to play with during the day. But yesterday, I stayed at home with all 3 girls while Eddie was at work.

Now, some people always ask how I deal with twins, or that I have my hands full, and I never have thought it like that. My girls (for the most part) get along and love each other. Sure, they'll yell, scream, and take toys - what kid doesn't?

But adding a third child? Oh man! Because Emma is a little older, her verbal skills are better than my girls. My girls also love to copy everything she does. So when Emma didn't want to eat her bagel, my bagel loving children said "Ewww" as well. Or how all three argued over who was taller/older/faster. And let's not even mention how much time I spent in the bathroom yesterday, lol. Natalie would have to go, but while she was pottying, Emma would say she had to go. So Natalie would take her sweet, sweet time. Once Emma was on the potty, Audrey would have to go, and Emma would take her time. Rinse, repeat, and try hunting down 3 pairs of shorts and panties from random place in my house. Oy!

When Eddie came home from work, I laid down on the couch and passed out. This does not happen. I am such the light sleeper, that any noise or light prevents me from sleeping. But I was out of commission for about 30 minutes.

Last night, another set of bad storms came through Greenville, and knocked out our power again. The last time we were without power, we only had Audrey, who's a little adventurer. Emma & Natalie...not so much. So we ended up taking all three to the in-laws for the night (my house gets hot quickly without power). I had a glorious night's sleep, and am spending today going to the DMV and Social Security office to change my name.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 Little Girls

This is Natalie's "I don't want to" look. I get it a lot.

Audrey's hair has really gotten so thick & curly. I was worried for the longest time because her hair was patchy due to her cranial band she wore as a baby.

And Emma is the only one who actually smiled for the camera (and to the person who asked...she is 10 months older than the girls. N & A will be 3 in October, and she'll be 4 in December).

14 Weeks

No picture today - I'm fighting with three toddlers to keep their clothes on and that Oreos are not breakfast food.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 14 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby NoMo (no more) is the size of a lemon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've gained 2 pounds. Usually during 1st tri is when I really eat a lot, to keep morning sickness away. Now I eat just the normal 3 meals a day. I actually am eating less than I did before I got pregnant, and typically healthier food. I don't know why...

Maternity Clothes: Still in some of my loose clothing. Dresses are perfect for summers here.

Gender: Some days I think boy, some days I think girl. We have no preference.

Movement: I think I feel some wiggling. Which is ironic, since with the twins, I didn't really feel movement until 18+ weeks.

Sleep: Sunday night was a.w.f.u.l. When the girls come back home from visiting their dad, it usually takes 24 hours to get them back to normal. Last night was much better. They both went down without too much of a fight, and slept until 7:30 this morning. Which means I got to sleep. Except I was expecting children to wake up, so I fitfully slept.

What I miss: Nothing I can think of at the moment.

Cravings: I've eaten Subway three times in the last week. I normally find Subway one of the grossest sandwich chains. This is very weird to me!

Symptoms: Not as much energy.

Best moment this week: Looking up baby gear online, and realizing that I don't need 80% of what I got for the girls. I think the Fisher Price Rock n Play might be one of the only purchases we make.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Furman Pics

Just a few pictures of us from Saturday afternoon at Furman.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potty Training Day #3

I think it might be safe to say that Audrey is potty trained during the day! We only had one accident yesterday, and it really wasn't Audrey's fault. I did take her to run some errands at Target and BuyBuyBaby, and she requested to go to the bathroom and did! Yesterday evening, we all went to get me a new phone, since my poor LG Ally cracked in December and the touch screen finally died...6 months later. While in the store, Eddie & Audrey went outside to watch a huge storm roll in from a distance. By the time we got in the car to drive, the sky was pitch black, wind was picking up, and it was pouring rain. It wasn't all that bad to drive in, but when we got home, it literally looked like a tornado ripped through our street and nearby streets. Huge trees were down everywhere, power was out, a trampoline was flipped into someone's house. Very scary stuff.

Anyway, we waited a while in the car, and then realized with the power off, I'd be unable to cook dinner. So we ran a few miles away to a Wendy's that had power to grab a bite to eat. When we came back home, Audrey had had a little accident in her car seat. I know she tried to hold it, but there was just nowhere for her to have gone.

She's still not completely potty trained at night, because she still wants milk before bedtime. Baby steps!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potty Training Day #2

Audrey is a potty training champ! She had NO accidents today.

I am trying to follow the 3 Day Potty Training e-book, but as a teacher, I know every child is different, and the same plan won't work for everyone. But I did try to stick to it to a T yesterday. I even let Audrey sleep in her big girl panties last night. She lasted until 5:00 this morning, when she wet the bed. I changed her sheets, jammies, and put a diaper on her (she requested milk to go back to sleep - and I wasn't about to wake up for the day at 5).

When she woke up for the day, she immediately went to the potty. She wore panties all day, and never had an accident. In fact, she decided she no longer wanted to sit on her pink princess potty chair, but on the training seat on the actual toilet. We even were able to go to the grocery store for 30 minutes (I know, we're supposed to stay locked up at home all 3 days).

However, Natalie was having NONE of the whole process. She threw fits yesterday because she didn't want to wear big girl panties OR a diaper, she just wanted to wear her "gum soup", aka bathing suit. Any time Audrey would go potty, Natalie would follow just to pester her or beat her over the head with toys. I was actually having a harder time controlling Natalie's outbursts, than potty training Audrey. So when Eddie came home, he asked Natalie if she wanted to spend the night with Nana and his sister - and of course Natalie said "yes".

Which made today a LOT easier to focus on Audrey. The only thing Audrey had yet to do by this evening was a number two. She kept telling me she had to, but wouldn't ever do anything. At the store, I picked up some watermelon flavored chew-able laxatives, and withing 30 minutes, Audrey yelled "Ma - I pooped!" to me.

She's in a pull-up tonight, simply because I don't want her to get discouraged if she does wet the bed. I figure we're taking baby steps as it is, and she's very proud of herself.

A proud Audrey

A devious looking Natalie, wearing her "gum soup"

13 Weeks

No picture today - still in the throes of potty training

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 13 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby NoMo (no more) is the size of a peach

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've gained 2 pounds. I haven't lost anything because I've not had the horrific morning sickness that I had with the girls.

Maternity Clothes: I have a pair of maternity capris that I wear, but I can easily wear my BeBand with regular pants. I also live in dresses.

Gender: We could possibly find out at our appointment July 8, where I'll have another ultrasound to check my cervical length. I'll be close to 16 weeks then.

Movement: Still in that "is it gas or baby" phase.

Sleep: Uh...ok? It depends on the girls and the cat, and how many times I have to go to the bathroom. Because it's summer time, I can make up for it during the day.

What I miss: Nothing I can think of. With the girls I missed the occasional cocktails, but I haven't had one of those in so long, that I don't remember what I'm missing.

Cravings: I've not had any weird cravings or food aversions this time.

Symptoms: Oddly enough, nothing this week. I go spans of time forgetting I'm pregnant.

Best moment this week: Realizing how relaxing a singleton pregnancy is compared to a twin - even when chasing two toddlers around full time!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty Training Day #1

Audrey's doing great. She started off with a small accident, and then she peed on the cat. He was sleeping in the doorway of the bathroom when she had to go, and she just stumbled onto him and, well, let go. He looked a little confused, but went right back to sleep. I call it payback for waking us up several times last night.

I've been pushing water, juice and popsicles like a drug dealer. And it's worked - because she said "I have pee in my tummy" and filled her little potty!

Natalie, on the other hand, is wearing her bathing suit around the house, and actively refusing to participate in potty training, other than to annoy her sister. I think I'll train Audrey first, and then Natalie. Maybe that will work? Who knows. The Diva does what she wants, when she wants. See?

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Potty Training

If you don't hear from me these next few days, it's because there is a potty training mutiny occurring in my house. I've stocked up on panties, I'm throwing the diapers away, and I'm armed & ready with my copy of 3 Day Potty Training and a whole bucket of prizes.

Unfortunately, the potty training manual doesn't cover what to do when Natalie actively refuses to keep her panties on. Or how she takes them off 1,045 times a day and I have to chase her around the house to put them back on. I'm thinking of attaching suspenders on them.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

12 Week Belly Pic

Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, Baby!

Stats: 12w3d
Due: December 20

I will have a repeat c/s with a tubal for sure, probably the week before.

We're monitoring to make sure I have none of the same problems that I had with the girls (cervical issues, IUGR) - that's why this post has been late in coming. I had my appointment today to check cervical length and we're looking good.

This was a total surprise, but we're happy none-the-less. It took close to a year of trying and fertility assistance to conceive the girls, and this little dude was conceived on birth control. Go figure!

Our families & close friends have known for a while now, and are over the moon happy for us. The girls have been told, but they don't quite get it yet.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Puddle Jumping

After the thunder storm rolled through, Natalie decided she wanted to put on her bathing suit and go jump in puddles. Audrey spent last night and tonight at her Nana & Papa's house, and from what I hear, spent the thunder storm outside on the screen porch watching it. How different the girls are!


This is how Natalie is during thunder storms...the entire time.

Though it was cute that she put her hands together and said "Jesus loves me, this I know. Please stop the thunder. Rain is bad, bad. Amen."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Southern Heat

There's no better way

to beat the hot, Southern heat

Than with a nice dip in the pool!

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