Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I'm starting my wishlist early. Drool....

Show Us Your Life - Kid's Clothing

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I get several comments from my readers about how the girls are dressed - and this was especially true when they were younger. Now that they dress themselves, sometimes their outfits are just a tad bit off the wall (or featuring their favorite cartoon characters). Anyway, I've broken down their clothes into three different categories.

1. Everyday Clothes:
My girls don't go to daycare or preschool, so technically they could lounge around in their jammies all day if they wanted. And sometimes they do. But for the most part, their every day clothes come from the following stores

* Target - love their Circo brand jeans - the only ones that will stay on them!
* Walmart - Seriously can't beat less than $3 for solid color t-shirts
* Carter's - I love most of their tunics and leggings for the girls
* Gymboree Outlet - I will buy a season or two in advance
* Belk - Their J Khaki brand is fabulous for holding up
* Kohls - Their Jumping Beans brand is cute, & I can usually find great sales
* Old Navy - I usually buy the girls' outerwear from here
* Bows I generally buy from Hobby Lobby or Target. I can get 5 medium sized bows for $3.00 at Target, and buy huge bows from Hobby Lobby for $3-4. Every now & then I'll buy the korker bows from Gymboree. I've never paid more than that for a bow, but then again, my kids would rip out the typical massive Southern bows and give me a WTF, mom? look. We also use the little Goody's clips, but I don't recommend those until your kids stop putting random stuff in their mouths.

Dresses from Target, leggings from Carter's

Top & jeans from Target

Outfits from Target

Dress from Target

Dress, tunic & leggings from Carter's

Character jammies from Dollar General. They are actually really soft & nicely made

We lived in these this summer! $4 shorts from Target, and $2 tanks from Walmart in almost every color

Super cute dress for $1 at Walmart

Coordinating J Khaki outfits from Belk

Coat, hat & gloves from Old Navy

2. Holiday Clothes:
I'll admit - I'm totally into dressing the girls up for Christmas, Easter, and even Thanksgiving. In the past, I usually buy their smocked dresses from these vendors

* Shrimp & Grits Kids
* Dolcemia Clothing - GREAT prices! You can get monogrammed bishop dresses for $30
* Ragsland
* Designs By Jane in Charleston - they are in the old slave market, but they have a website. Their out of season smocked dresses are usually 50% off
* Kelly's Kids - I order this through my friend Courtney

Christmas dresses for this year from Dolcemia Clothing

Easter Dresses from Dolcemia

Smocked romper from Kelly's Kids

Smocked Christmas dress from Designs By Jane Charleston - for $25!

Easter dress from Kelly's Kids

3. Nice Clothes
I usually try to have a few nicer outfits per season, but not necessarily a dressy holiday outfit.

* Tea Collection - I freaking LOVE their clothes. Great quality and very stylish. Not the most thrifty, so we usually only have one outfit per season from there. But if you are a new customer, you can click HERE and get $25 off your first purchase!
* Gymboree - It pains me to buy their stuff at full price, or even sale price, without a coupon or gymbucks. But sometimes they have something so adorable I just can't pass it up.
* Hanna Andersson - Their play dresses are adorable, and can make great tunics the next year.
* My friend Courtney - she makes custom shirts for the girls, like the ones we wore to the apple orchard.

Shirts from Courtney's Etsy store

Clemson dress from Designs by Jane Charleston. I was able to let out the hem and the girls are still able to wear this size 12 month dress!

Dresses from Hanna Andersson, leggings from Walmart for $2

Jumper from Gymboree. I loved this pattern so much, I still have items for the girls to wear this coming Christmas!

Hanna Andersson dress & leggings

Hanna Andersson dress, used as a tunic instead

Also, after writing this post I realized a few things: my girls have A LOT of clothes (though I realize this while doing laundry). Second, I think I'm a bit weird, because I know what brand and what store every single item they own is from.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love Them!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkin Luminaries

I was feeling all Martha Stewart the other night, and decided to do a little home decorating. I'd seen a few pins on Pinterest, and saw another blogger's craft time - and decided I, too, could make a pumpkin luminary.

These were my inspiration:

All you really need are some kind of glass containers, acrylic paints, brushes (I used the sponge type) and a Sharpie. One example I've seen was using mason jars. I had these three vases in my garage that I bought for $.25 years ago and had never used. So basically the total cost of my project was under $3.00

First, paint your jars. Try not to put too much paint on them, but enough to where it covers the glass. You might need two coats, but be extra sure that the first coat is dry! I also left a bit at the top for a black rim.

You can also let your toddler paint, lol

After your coat is dry, add a black rim to the top

Use your Sharpie to draw faces on your jars - blame your small children when the faces look like crap, because they were singing into the jars as you were drawing. Fill in the faces with black paint, and voila - you've just crafted. You can also had a coat or two of clear sealant to make it look nicer. I plan on doing that tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

28 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28 Weeks

Size of baby: Corbin is probably average for his gestation age. However, I get so many comments asking if I'm due soon, or people assuming that I'm having twins again. I think this has to be because of his positioning. Every ultrasound I've had, he's been transverse. Meaning, his head is on my right side, his legs on my left side, and his body sprawled across my belly. The girls were the opposite. Audrey's head was stuck in my pelvic region, and her feet in my ribs - while Natalie flip flopped being head down or breach on a daily basis.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still around 11 pounds. Not too bad, and I'm hoping to stay under 25 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: Yes - and I'm in dire need of warmer clothes. I have exactly one long sleeve shirt! I did find a super cute dress at Belk for $10 to wear to my shower next month.

Gender: Boy.

Movement: He's a wiggler, alright.

Sleep: Dare I say - better? The girls have been going down without much of a fight, and NO ONE has slept in my room in almost a week. This is progress, people!

What I miss: Bending at the waist.

Cravings: No real cravings or aversions this past week.

Symptoms: Starting to get some of the sciatic nerve pain/numbness. I was reading my blog from the last pregnancy, and I was miserable by this time. Like waddling, unable to roll out of bed, itchy with PUPPS miserable. I'm counting my blessings.

Best moment this week: Natalie telling me that the baby inside my belly was Rapunzel. I guess that answers my question about heatburn!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wheels on the Bus


You know - I think the only reason women have more than one child is we develop some sort of mom-nesia.

For instance, when I first found out I was pregnant this time - I really thought I was sick with something energy draining like mono. When I finally figured out I was pregnant, I thought to myself "oh, morning sickness wasn't that bad". I completely regretted saying that as I dry heaved over the slightest smell, or thought of certain foods. Or when I'd gag every morning brushing my teeth.

Or how about the whole "maternity clothes are so cute. I love how adorable pregnant women look!". Yeah, now that my ass looks like it's carrying Corbin's twin, I no longer think this. Or how all my full panel pants make my belly itch, but my stretch waist no panel pants fall down and make it look like I've crapped myself by the end of the day.

Other forgotten things: ravenous hunger akin to a bear that's just woken up from hibernation, sciatica pain, waddling instead of walking, let's not even mention sneezing or coughing with a full bladder, insomnia, pregnancy brain (like forgetting the names of your current children or running out of the house for work without pants on).

And that's just the pregnancy part. We're not even to birthing the baby (hello, spinal, swelling, and feeling like a dying animal). Or better yet, the newborn phase. I seem to recall babies being so cute, tiny, and they slept a lot. Except now I'm remembering they poop an awful lot, spit up, throw up, make farm animal noises as they sleep, and wake up alll.night.long to eat.

Just exactly what have I gotten myself into?!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flying High

Eddie's friend, Marshall, purchased an hour long helicopter lesson & flight for Eddie's birthday. So today, we loaded up in the van and drove 3.5 hours to Lake City, SC. Most of the trip down was highway, but this is how the last hour went...

Cotton, cotton, empty field, overgrown field, cotton, trailer, trailer park, trailer with a steeple, cotton, huge house, palmetto trees, more cotton.

Once we arrived at Pee Dee Helicopters, Eddie got to check out some of the equipment he'd be playing with.

And he asked if I wanted to ride in the 4 seater. Negatory, Ghost Rider.

I mean, do you see how little this cockpit is??

Eddie got a brief lesson on how to fly from the instructor

Then the instructor pulled the copter out of the building!

I think he's ready to go!

Literally, the moment they took off, it poured rain for about 5 minutes...

And while the men flew, I went to a small cafe next door called Foodscapes, and indulged in the most delicious cranberry chicken salad with sliced green apples & melted brie on toasted bread. It was so divine, that I might just buy Eddie another flight lesson just to eat there again.

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