Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Gift Ever!

Friday night, Eddie had a secret date planned for me. Our first stop was to the Melting Pot for a cheese and chocolate dinner. It was delicious!

Then, he had bought tickets to go see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D. Honestly, I thought the movie looked pretty blurry. I think regular movies turned into 3D don't work out quite as well as movies that are made for 3D in the first place. And we had to suffer through Jar Jar & the pod race. But it was still great to see it in the theater, and I look forward to hopefully seeing the next 5 as well.

So I figured that was our Valentine's Day plans, just done a little early. It made sense, since it's easier to get childcare on the weekend. But oh no - Eddie wasn't done with my gift.

Sunday morning, all three girls walked down the hallway carrying my present. A book. But not just any book - a romance novel. Starring Eddie & me.

I opened the first page and about died of laughter. It's the cheesiest, most thoughtful present I've ever received. And I fully intend on reading it to Eddie every night before bed.


  1. My husband is taking our oldest to see The Phantom Menace this weekend (he's seen it at home already). I'm surprised he's going because he hates Jar Jar and because he hates George Lucas for trying to ruin his childhood by messing up the movies. Apparently George said something last week like "Greedo always shot first. People who think Han shot first just want him to be a cold blooded killer." I think that pushed him over the edge!

    The romance novel was a great idea!

  2. My husband got me one of those romance novels a few years ago. And it had one of my friends in it, too, as my sidekick. I LOVE it! Even though it is totally cheesy, it's a fun gift. Yay for awesome husbands! :)

  3. Can we get a link or picture of this romance novel, I'm not 100% on what you are talking about...

    Much appreciated.
    Thank you

  4. Hi, found and am enjoying your blog as I can relate to it quite a bit. I was also a single mother (of three girls) when I met my husband Randel five years ago. Randel has a daughter as well and the six of us have been together ever since... I love how good Eddie seems to be for you and your girls and how your new family has jelled together so well! Happy Families are the best!


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