Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

It's official - Corbin is starting to learn how to roll. I swear he's going to be up and running well before Audrey was at 13 months. If his sisters are around, he wants nothing to do with peek-a-boo and patty-cake with mom or dad - he wants to watch them zoom around the room, and be right in the middle of things.

Oh, hi toy, I want you

But I do not think I can reach you

Arrrrghhh, I'm trying!!

Almost, almost!


Oh, except I flung it off of me now and I will cry

"Shhh, baby Corbin. It's alright. Play my game wif me."

She loves My First Tanagrams on my Kindle Fire. So much that I never get to use my Kindle. I think we're buying them Leappads solely so I can have my electronics back.

Well, I'd like my Kindle back, and I'd also appreciate my children not downloading games. Like Happy Poo. And why yes, you actually do rub the poo until it shines. Not that I played it or anything.


  1. Go, Corbin!!!!

    A suggestion for the Kindle. My son(3) loves mine as well and he was going onto Netflix and watching Power Rangers. I installed a free app called Kids Place. It basically makes it so they can't access any apps except the ones you put on it for them. It has other features as well. It's awesome because it also blocks ads so he can't accidentally buy other things.

  2. Holy crap he looks like Natalie in these photos!! Very cute ;)


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