Saturday, March 3, 2012

11 Things

My amazingly awesome friend Caroline (who sent Corbin his super adorable Star Wars outfits) tagged me in an 11 random things post. I see this one has made the rounds on several blogs I read, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Here are the rules of the 11 Random Things game:

- post these rules
- post a picture of yourself & 11 random things
- answer the questions set for you in the original post
- create 11 new questions & tag people to answer them
- go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them is a picture of me - a dirty mirror, belly pic, self portrait. And I've since realized I've not appeared in a picture since December 2011. I'm the one that is ALWAYS behind the camera. I really need to break out my wireless remote and get in front of the lens. But that would require makeup. And perhaps my hair not in a ponytail. So that's likely not going to happen...

11 Random Things

1. I wear my hair in a ponytail or bun about 90% of the time. Even with my hair cut short, it takes about 30 minutes to dry & straighten it. And since I play Russian Roulette with "whose going to wake up in the morning while I try to get ready for work", I try to be as quiet as possible. Which means a towel dried ponytail.

2. I double majored in History & Secondary Education in college. I was the only female in my teaching program (teaching middle/high school social studies). All of the males wanted to coach sports - and my professor totally called them out on it. I ended up teaching middle school because I refused to coach a sport for high school. I even told the principals that interviewed me that I was doing them a favor by declining to coach, lol. I'm glad I ended up in 8th grade, and have ended up coaching...a Mock Trial & Academic Team.

3. You will never find me without a Tervis Tumbler.

4. I can't sing to save my life. I sound worse than a Veggie Tales character. My kids don't like when I sing to them, so I play CDs instead. It's the one thing I really wish I could do well.

5. On my OB admission paperwork, I put Jedi under religion, because no one actually reads those forms. Except I was wrong, and my ultrasound tech teased us mercilessly for the next few months.

6. I am terrified that I will die young and my children won't get to grow up together. Like, wake up in my sleep in a cold sweat panicked on a weekly basis.

7. I could eat Mexican food every day of my life.

8. I just ate a candy bar and then wonder why I can't shed my baby weight - duh.

9. Sometimes I get really frustrated and overwhelmed with blogging, and I want to quit. I probably will when the girls hit public school.

10. Almost every time I go to Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us, someone recognizes me from my blog. It's a little surreal.

11. I freeze all year round. As I'm typing this, it's almost 70 degrees outside, and I'm huddled next to a portable heater.

Questions I have to answer from Caroline:

1. What is your favorite color - Probably blue

2. What is the last movie you saw in the theater? - Star Wars Episode I in 3D. Eddie took me for Valentine's Day.

3. Which Friends character are you most like? - Uh, probably Jennifer Anniston's. I've been told she's my celebrity doppelganger, too.

4. What was your first car? - a 1991 Toyota 4Runner

5. If you could go on an all expenses paid vacation anywhere, where would you go? - Somewhere with crystal clear water and fancy frozen drinks

6. If you could have any other job what would it be? - A museum curator

7. What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie? - Probably Romeo & Juliet with Leo, lol

8. Calories don't count for one day - what do you eat? - Chips, queso, chicken fajitas, guac - yum!

9. Who's on your laminated list? - Will Smith, Neil Patrick Harris & Natalie Portman

10. Do you have any hidden talents? - Absolutely none

11. How do you know me? (ok, I stole that question from Steph!) - I hide outside your bushes, Caroline! Actually, we "met" on almost 4 years ago when we were pregnant.

Questions for the people I tag (Brittany, Pam, & Natalie):

1. Where is your ideal vacation spot?
2. What is your most favorite childhood memory?
3. What Made for TV item would you love to try out?
4. What made you start blogging?
5. What blogs do you love to read?
6. Describe your favorite outfit.
7. Blogger or Wordpress?
8. What's your favorite TV show?
9. What state do you live in?
10. What would you do if you won the lottery?
11. What's your favorite store?


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