Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

We took the kids to Walmart last weekend to grab some stuff. We totally bribed them with an Icee, and it worked.

Totally People of Walmart worthy!

Audrey begged me to let her sleep in this laundry basket. We compromised by letting her watch TV in it.

Eddie should never put tights on the girls, lol

Making brownies with Anna

Playing games with Eddie & Daniel

I'm in love!!

Natalie should win a daytime Emmy for her performance as a baby

Yes, that's a newborn sized swaddle sack!

We LOVE the Woombie. Thank goodness they go up to 25 pounds. Now if only they weren't $30 a pop :(

How can someone so little take up so much room?

Audrey got dressed for bed, packed her bag, put on her boots and proclaimed that she was going to Nana's house. Um, ok?

I can not WAIT to get the girls' beds today. They've been playing musical mattress for the past few nights and it sucks so much

We love our Leappads. We don't love buying batteries

Stock Market Crash game at school = winning!

LOL at Corbin's face


  1. I'm over from Kelly's Korner and I wanted to share this coupon with you! The Woombie's are half off today!

  2. has had woombies on sale for half off as well

  3. You HAVE TO invest in some rechargeable batteries and a charger! We have had ours for 2 years already and they're still going strong!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog. They make a plug in thing for the LeapPad. My son has one, and we make him plug it in when we are near an outlet. It helps to not use so many batteries! Hope this helps!

  5. The tights picture is hilarious! And? So, so, SO jealous of your washer & dryer

  6. Jennifer, I know you have a lot of kids to feed and a lot of batteries to buy so if you haven't heard of you might want to check it out. I use it to purchase my groceries, and I can usually get a haul for about $4 for a weeks worth of groceries. Of course I'm only feeding me, but I was spending upwards of $40 before I started using the site and the Sunday coupons.


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