Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Massive Phone Dump

I realized last night that my phone had like 230 MB of memory left, so it was time to dump all of my photos and videos onto my laptop, and then my external hard drive. So here are a bunch of photos from the past few months, you know, since I've not touched my actual camera in for-freaking-ever.

Natalie is not impressed
I don't even know where to begin with this - except it was in the ladie's room in Downtown Greenville
Emma's birthday at CEC
Mommy & Corbin
Anna & Natalie
Corbin loves watching Wheels on the Bus on Netflix ("Mango!!"), so he got a kick out of driving this bus
All decorated!
Dancing to Christmas music
Perhaps the coolest lunch box ever...
Birthday goodies from the husband!!
Merry Hothmas - and yes, I wear this shirt
Oh yeah, we did Elf on the Shelf - aka, the best behavior control EVER
Creepy little bugger
Like this isn't weird or anything...
Where is Natalie? 
Not impressed
Some battles aren't worth picking - like the flip flops in December & riding in her brother's car seat
3 Mommy Friends & 4 Girl Friends - 2011
3 Mommy Friends & 4 Girl Friends - 2012
At Courtney's surprise party 
We love SC winters!
Someone is Daddy's twin
Go Tigers!
Natalie thought this was appropriate attire for a camp fire
Time to baby-proof
Corbin doesn't play with any of his toys - he just demolishes our DVD collection
What? Does your child not ride on the vacuum wearing his dad's socks?
Corbin joining in on the fun
Natalie: Swiper, no swiping - give me my chair back!
Natalie is speshul
I can haz trucks? 
Chuck E. Cheese - it only took 4 years for them to conquer their fear of climbing into play structures, lol!
not so sure of this stufffed bear
handsome boy
super mom - I should have arms of steel by now!
milk coma


  1. Love the "Not impressed"-Shirt! And, oh, my, milk coma :-)))
    Great play structures! Guess it´ll take some years to swap over here ...


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