Monday, December 10, 2012

Calming Down

Life is beginning to calm down for me, which means I should be able to blog a bit more. I really do apologize for the lack of posts these last few months. But, life got hectic, and I had much to take care of.

All 4 of the kids had their super low-key birthday parties. On Thursday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Emma's and simply ordered a pizza, some drinks, and one of their (surprisingly delicious) cakes. The kids had an absolute blast, and I was impressed with how much better that place has gotten.

My graduate class is finally over! I made an A, and provided the State Department of Education receives my transcript from Converse College prior to January 1st, I'll be adding a middle level certification to my professional certificate (I'm secondary certified in history & geography). If snail mail fails me, I'll be taking the Praxis II and PLT exams again, because my scores are a decade old and will expire. Boo!

All of my Christmas shopping is complete, and all presents are wrapped. I even went through all the kids' presents and sorted them into boxes, taking toys out and assembling stuff. We just need to assemble 3 bikes, a Little Tikes workhorse & grill, and a Cozy Coupe Truck. I'll leave that to Eddie :)

Oh, and I had my birthday a week and a few days ago. It was the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday. I scored a super awesome R2D2 lunch box from my parents, and Eddie bought me a nice Columbia jacket, Clemson sherpa throw, watch, and Tervis tumbler (I'm addicted to them).

My weight-loss journey is trucking along. I'm down 12 pounds, which is great considering Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Eddie's work Christmas party have happened in the past few weeks. I'm hoping to at least maintain or lose a bit more during Christmas - and then really get to work in January.


  1. Awww Jen you sounded like Grandpa - he was celebrating his anniversaries based on his 39th birthday. I actually started buying him anniversary cards LOL

  2. I'm glad things are calming down for you. After all that it seems like you could use a bit of a break!


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