Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas...

I'll be back sometime after the holidays - you know, when I finally find a home for a billion new toys and household items! Hope you & your family have a wonderful time together.


  1. I love those festive photos and I can't believe that Christmas is over again. We have exactly the same problem about where to store the new toys. In fact, on Christmas night we had to sleep on the sofa because our littest one feel sleep on our bed surrounded by robots, cars and dinosaurs.

  2. I am also now a mother of 4 and no more! Lol... I have a 6 year old son, 3 year old daughter and 1 month old twin boys! They were my Christmas gift! They were born the day before thanksgiving and healthy. Christmas came and went so quick! But next year will be even longer bc we are starting our Christmas before thanksgiving. Lol

  3. I took a mini blogging break also- sometimes much needed! Way to go on the weigh loss!! That's terrific! I need your motivation to lose these last baby pounds. And those ornaments turned out awesome!


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