Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - First Day of School!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Natalie's Dog

This weekend, I took the twins out to dinner and shopping. I let them pick, and Audrey said she wanted a turkey sub - Natalie wanted chips. Done. So we headed off to Firehouse Subs (because I enjoy kids eating free!). I found us a table, ordered our food, got our drinks and sat back down. I got up to go get some hot sauce for my sub, and came back to find an older woman talking to the girls. Audrey was telling her she was three years old and her teacher's name is Ms. Morgan. And this is what Natalie, my little drama queen, was saying...

Natalie: I have a dog, and it's really cute and small, and his name is Spike.

Lady: Oh that's nice, I love dogs.

Natalie: Yeah, and it was running in the road, and there were lots of cars, so I was chasing it.

Lady (side-eyeing the heck out of me for letting my kid play in the road): Oh, that sounds dangerous

Natalie: Yeah, I know! And that's why my dog got hit by a car and is squished and dead now.

Lady (raised eyebrows and death glares in my direction): Oh I'm so sorry, sweetie.

Me: Uh, we don't have a dog.

Lady (huge eyeroll)

Natalie: And then my other dog, is really big, and his name is Fluffy. My mommy locks him in a cage.

Lady (I'm thinking she is going to call CPS and the Humane Society on me): Oh that doesn't sound very nice.

Natalie: Yeah, and then a shark ate him.

Lady: Ohhhhh, I see.

Me: I told you, we don't have dogs.

Aren't kids fun? It was almost as fun as being stuffed in the tiny stall at the mall bathroom because some girl was in the large stall texting on the can (I suppose I should be happy we weren't in the large stall, because you could totally see in the crack and Audrey called her out on her poor potty etiquette), and having your kids ask very loudly if you have to just poop or pee, because they don't want to smell it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Preschool Orientation

I am so, so thrilled with the Preschool we chose for the girls! If you've been reading my blog for a while (or are my co-worker who has heard me talk non-stop for 2 years on this decision, lol), then you know I've gone back & forth on their schooling for a while. We finally bit the bullet and enrolled the girls at a local church preschool where they have K3-K5.

Last night was the orientation, and Audrey & Natalie were so excited to go. They picked out their own clothes, asked to take a bath and do their hair before going (lol), and walked right into their classroom like big kids. It took about 2 minutes before they sat down, played with play dough, and didn't even look back as I left the room. After a brief meeting, I walked back to their classroom, and Audrey ran over to tell me all about the friends she played and shared with, and how much fun she had. If you know Audrey, you know this is amazing! She is such a shy little girl around people she doesn't know. And when I walked in, I saw Natalie sitting at the same play dough table pouting because a little boy took a piece of her play dough and she didn't want to share so "he's not my best friend ever anymore!!". Dramatic? Yep, that's Natalie.

Their first official day starts next Wednesday. Which means I need to buy a cutesy chalkboard for the obligatory "first day" pictures.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Audrey & Baby Jones

Audrey loves her baby dolls. She's such a little mommy to her brother, but even more so to her babies. I can tell she watches how I interact with Corbin, because she does the same things with her babies - putting bibs on them, shaking their bottles, holding and "sushing" if they are "crying". It's the sweetest thing. Recently, she's been playing with a little Target baby doll that she has dubbed "Jones". I've always called my Grandma by Grandma Jones, and the girls have decided to be cool and just call her Jones - hence the baby's new name. And if you can believe, the outfit that little baby Jones is wearing, is one that the girls wore up until they were about a month old. I'm so happy I saved their preemie clothes! Oh, and yes - Audrey is the child of many faces.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bronchitis and School - Oh My!

School is going well. I'm halfway through my first day, and spent the better part of yesterday afternoon at MD360 having a chest x-ray to determine I have bronchitis. Sooo, I've had to warn my kids I don't normally sound like some dragon. Anyway, the day before I came back to work, my friend Wilma, who has twins slightly older than the girls, called me in a panic. She had her family drive hours from out of state to have pictures taken of all the kids - and her photographer canceled at the last minute. So I hurried off to Falls Park downtown and snapped a couple. I only had my prime lens, and I absolutely need to get something different to take pictures of multiple people with. At this point, I'd almost rather upgrade my camera body first, and then get a new lens. Here's a few SOOC shots. I'm amazed that I at least got all of them to look in my general direction. The moms said as long as the kids were IN the picture, they'd be happy, lol.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School

Well, I've survived the past 3 days of work. I started back last Thursday, and met most of my students during orientation this afternoon. Tomorrow is my last day to work in my classroom, and students arrive on Wednesday. I can't believe that I'm going on my 9th year teaching - and that I still LOVE what I do. We spent some time on Friday looking over our test scores for students last year, and how much we've improved. Overall, the kids I had last year moved up over 3% to 89.5% meeting the state standards, with the majority scoring exemplary. And I'm sure most of you teachers out there know how hard it is to move upwards once you hit a certain point - and we're still soaring high above the 71% state average. So proud of them!

The twins are so excited to start back to school. I've been searching for clothes and shoes on a budget. When I just had those two, I didn't mind dropping $15-20 on an outfit. Now? Pfff, I better get it for cheaper than I can find something at Goodwill. I was able to get the girls some adorable dresses from Belk for about $5, a bunch of cute outfits from K-Mart for close to 90% off (we're talking $1 shirts and pants, $2 dresses), and the best looking knock off light up Sketchers from Wal-Mart for $7!

Corbin turned 9 months old yesterday. I promise I'll have some new pictures of little man up in the next few days :) Hope y'all have a great week.

And I have been keeping up with my walking/running! Today, I took Audrey out and together we walked/ran 1.38 miles. I was so proud of her - even if she made me piggy back ride her the last little bit. She's a fast little booger.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Ramblings

* Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged. Life has been moving way too quickly here. I start school this Thursday - I can't believe it!

* I've been slack about pulling out my actual camera now that I have a phone that takes half way decent pictures. new pictures to share today, lol.

* After a year of bribing, sweet talking, providing books, toys, and a Leap Pad, and then taking away said books, toys, and Leap Pad - I'm so flipping excited to say that Natalie is finally potty trained. Just like with her walking, she had to be 100000% ready on her own terms.

* Corbin now has 6 teeth and counting. Let's just say sleeping here hasn't been all that great for a while. Then I woke up at 7:15 this morning and realized I didn't hear him all night long, and sent my husband in his room because I was too afraid of what I'd find. Little booger was up in his bed playing. Let's hope this continues!

* I'm starting to play birthday parties. The girls are probably going to have a Minnie Mouse theme, and I have no idea about Corbin. Emma wants hers at Chuck E Cheese.

* Speaking of Chuck E Cheese, we had the most random day yesterday. We picked the girls' up from their dad's house yesterday(they won't see him for over 6 weeks because he's going to Germany again for work), and didn't really feel like going home. So we went to Chuck E Cheese, spent $10 on tokens and had a blast. Then went to the mall, about 5 different stores, ate lunch at Mexican and dinner at Panera. Basically were gone from 10:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night. Such a fun & random day.

* I've finally gotten on track with working out. FINALLY. In the past week, I've been able to walk/run 12 miles. This is HUGE for me, because I hate running. But I feel so much better and a new pair of running shoes were the boost I needed. I've made my birthday in December the day to reach my goal by. I know it's not going to be easy, especially going back to work full time, being the department chair and required to attend 2 extra meetings a month, and a weekly grad school class during the fall. But I have to do this for me.

* I know I keep apologizing for posting sporadically, but I really do think that's how it will be from now on. I used to stress about getting a post done daily, and I'm not going to anymore. This blog started as a place to keep friends & family up to speed with my little family, and I really feel like that's the place I'm headed back to. I hope y'all stick around :)

* And one last thing, this is what Corbin is going as for Halloween

Now I'm on the hunt for an Ariel (Natalie), Merida (Audrey), and Belle (Emma) costume. I don't want to buy regular Halloween costumes for them, because they fall apart way too quickly - and Audrey doesn't like random elastic, tulle, or sequins because they itch her.

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