Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving On & Upward

I wrote a little over a year ago how we were able to have 4 children in a 3 bedroom, 1250 square foot house and make it livable. And then I wrote about all 3 girls sharing their new big girl room.

My, how things change in one year. Simply put, we are outgrowing our house. Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one room - and it feels like we are always on top of each other. As the kids grow and get bigger, our house is only going to shrink around us.

But I love the area we are in, and the schools we are zoned for (my middle school being one of them). I love that I can look outside my window and see farmland, but drive not even a mile and reach a grocery store and gas station. I'm a 5 minute drive from work. However, everyone else loves our area, too. My neighbor two doors down sold her house - after two days of being on the market - for the asking price. So you can imagine that we're probably not going to find a house that fits our needs in our price range around here.

Eddie and I spent a day driving around a 20 mile radius looking at houses. We found one that fits our needs (6 bedrooms, almost triple the square footage) in a newly built community. And I've pretty much had dreams about it since then. I've had to stop myself from staring a Pinterest board to decorate it, lol.

However, we're going to wait this out for a bit. Take a year and really save, and fix some things around our house. The roof will be replaced this Spring, and we'll get new carpet for the bedrooms. My sister and her husband have expressed interest in buying the house, and we're really hoping that works out for both of us. I'd be happy to not pay a realtor, and she'd be closer to our parents and have a nice back yard for their puppy. And if we end up building that house, it could take up to 5 months to get in it.

So for now, we have signed up with mint.com and are really watching what we spend. It's appalling how much we could blow in one month at Target and Amazon. We could literally take a cruise every other month (heck, every month in the off season!). We'll save most, and pay off some old debts with the rest. And hopefully, a house very similar to this one will be ours - before we're driven insane!

And last, but not least, would you mind clicking below? Thanks!

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  1. I love that house! Good luck with your money saving endeavor. I am always disgusted with how much money I waste on stupidness every month. We'll be looking to move in a few years so I'm starting to really look at our finances to see what kind of down payment we can have, since we'll lose a lot on our current house. :(

    1. Ugh, that stinks. We've been very fortunate that our houses have held steady these past few years. We won't make much off of it, even selling to my sister, since I had to refinance after my divorce.

      But that won't stop me from dreaming of that 3 story, 6 bedroom, loft playroom, house :)

  2. I don't even want to know how much I blow each month between Amazon, Target & Dillards. I can't wait to see what y'all end up in!

  3. Adam bought our condo at the very peak, and it *immediately* lost $100,000 in value. We're in a 2 bedroom, 3rd floor walk-up with both kids and the dog, in a mediocre school district... but we're stuck here. It's depressing.

    I hope your plans work out - that house looks gorgeous!

    1. Ugh, that's awful. Would renting out your condo be an option?

  4. The house is lovely... Good job on your money saving and I wish you well. Oh yeah, Mint.com is an awesome tool. :)

  5. Beautiful house. Saw this great money saving tip on another website.

    Start saving for a whole year by putting $1 in the first week, $2 in the 2nd week, $3 in the third week, etc. You just keep increasing by $1 every week. By the end you would have almost $1400 saved up. If you don't want to increase by $1 each week, make a charge with $1 to $52 on it and just cross out the ones you do each week. So if one week you feel you have the extra $50 you do that and the next week you do the $2 one.

    This is something almost everyone could do. We just have to do it!


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