Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Phone Dump

It's that time again - when my phone starts to stall when I'm playing Temple Run 2 because of the bajillion of pictures and videos on there. So without further ado, a little phone dump.

Audrey & I had a play date together - she beat me at Operation
And then worked on some perler bead designs that my sister gave her
She did a great job!
I suppose Natalie doesn't trust Eddie's driving, lol
Dropping the girls off in the car pool line
Eddie's idea of dessert
Oh, Natalie....
I routinely wake up to Audrey in our bed
This boy loves food 
We're gonna need a bigger couch - ha!
I gave him carrots - he stole Audrey's pizza. And ate it. All.
Houston, we have a climber
Cheering Corbin on
I didn't think he'd do it....
Yep, he's a climber...
Goofy kids


  1. This was the cutest photo dump I've ever seen :0) Those 4 are absolutely adorable!

  2. So adorable! I'm so pleased that its not just me who has a child arrive in my bed in the middle of the night! Super cute babies, Sally x

  3. Where did you find the Star Wars Operation game? My son would love that!

    1. Eddie bought it for me for Christmas. I'm guessing Walmart or Amazon.

  4. R2D2 Operation? Awesome! What kind of car seats do you have the girls in?

    1. The noises is makes are awesome! They are in the Cosco high back 5 point harness boosters. They are $39 at Walmart - and the girls can buckle themselves in, but can't unbuckle while I'm driving (like Natalie did in her Britax and climbed up front while I was driving!)


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