Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sponsor These Four No More!

When I posted "Can You Really Make Money Blogging?" last month, one of my goals was to boost my ad sales on my blog this year. Adding Passion Fruit Ads has really helped me out - and my sponsors love that the results are immediate. In fact, I'm getting so many emails each day to do reviews or giveaways for y'all, that it's getting hard to keep up (though I'll go ahead and say the *ahem* any product review dealing with the nether-regions gets a quick delete, ha). 

If you'd like to be featured on my blog this month, please consider the following options:

Banner Ads - brand spanking new! This ad will appear beneath every single post on my blog (which means it's also featured for my Google Reader/Blog Lovin' friends, too). This one will get the most exposure.

Large, Medium, or Small Ads - there's one that will fit your needs. Are you a new blogger looking to gain new followers? A part time etsy store owner? Shabby Apple, Oreck, or another large company? We've got something that will fit your needs.

Better yet? ALL of my ad space is 50% off right now! When you select the size you want, enter the code LUCKY upon checking out. You can also book for more than a month at a time. 

Need some more stats on my blog? Check out my advertising/pr page (which I'm in the process of updating...)


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