Monday, April 15, 2013

Phone Dump

Girls' night (our husbands just so happened to be with us, but I'm pretty sure they ran and hid after we "mom danced")

Bed head

Intro to Mario Kart 64 

Audrey was so proud of herself for writing this

Always check treat bags for contraband

Yep - these are size 4t pants and a 3t shirt

My kids have good taste in tv, lol

And I've fixed my voting image below so you'll be able to vote and not pin to Pinterest :)


  1. Omigosh - Cole is three and a half and he's still in mostly 2T!!

  2. I thought that CJ and I were the only ones who still watched Super Mario Brothers Super Show! Thank goodness for Netflix!

  3. I love the N64 and Gameboys for younger kids. Good games, and way less delicate than the wii.

  4. The bed hair is hilarious! Corbin is getting so BIG!

    Hey I got some blog questions for you, so check your email ;)


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