Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Mixtape

Remember those days gone by when the sign of one's true love was to create a mix tape of affection?

In fact, I'm pretty sure I still own the first one I received. And since I was a late bloomer, it was definitely a mixed-CD. With songs created this century.

I got to thinking the other day...what music do I really enjoy? I listen to a lot of things, mainly a LOT of Barney & Yo Gabba Gabba. But there are a few songs that really sing to my heart/soul/being. And these are them.....

Of course Fun "Some Nights" leads my list. I grew up listening to Queen, and I find them the hipster version of my parents' generation - soothing to my soul. Perhaps its the Civil War throwback, or the high pitched voice - or maybe it's because the whole "what do I stand for?" really resonates with me. Either way, I'm a fan.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Wings". And really? Everything Macklemore has put out in the last few years. I'm not ashamed to say that my #1 rapper from early 2000 on was Eminem. I mean, what suburban millennial kid didn't listen to his lyrics? But Macklemore? The social commentary is profound. Sure, you think "Thrift Shop" is all about the cool stuff you find at Goodwill, but actually listen to the lyrics. And then check out his other songs. "One Love"? It speaks to me - the lone liberal in SC.

Because N Sync led to Justin Timberlake, need I say more? And that leads to...

Jimmy Fallon  & Justin Timberlake - The History of Rap #4 - be sure to check out #1-3.

I have more to add, but Charter internet sucks and I can't use more than one Chrome window at a time without my computer shutting down  so I'll leave it at this. What are your favorite mixtape songs?


  1. I basically listen to the Today's Adult Hits station on Pandora everytime I work out, and it makes me feel a little old that that has become my favorite station. But it's awesome!

  2. Okay, maybe I'm behind the times, but I recognized some of them. Sometimes I just look for happy blogs (writing so much about sad stuff, you need a break). I'll link over here when I link to other bloggers, plan to do that in a June post. Best, TD


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