Sunday, June 9, 2013

Phone Dump

I promise, the days are soon coming where I'll have more time to post something other than a phone dump. Just one more day of school, and then freedom.

And my freedom, I mean staying at home and trying to keep my house clean with all the kids running around being counter-productive.

But at least I won't feel the need to be in bed 10 minutes after they are, because I don't have to wake up super early. So there's that.

Until then, here's a few pictures from the past few days :)

All I have to say is thank goodness for free cookies. 

3 kids - 3 belly sleepers, and none actually on their pillows. 

Little man fell in love with my living room throw blanket. So it's his now. 

Home made taco salads - with fresh grown veggies from our garden outside. 

It took him forever to eat, mainly because he enjoyed hulk smashing it with his fork. 

Natalie: "Take my picture with my beautiful hat"

Dinner of champions - or a really tired, not wanting to cook or wash dishes mom. Don't worry, the kids ate  Rasin Bran. Ewwww!

Went to wake the girls up, couldn't find them. They snuck out to the couch. 

5 kids, playing with toys

I try to cook dinner, the girls dress their brother up in costumes. And hello, mountain of laundry in the background. 

This was all Eddie's idea. He looks like a little Padawan!

The girls were playing hide & seek. Audrey pushed me out of the way (I was folding clothes) to climb on top of the dryer, opened the washer door, and lowered herself down in. She'd have been the champion, except for her giggling. 

No children were harmed in this photo. Even if she begged me to turn the washer on so she could take a bath.  


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