Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Photos Trial Run

In the next few weeks, I'd like to attempt to re-do pictures of the kiddos to hang on a canvas in the house. I have this one from last summer in a 16x20 and I LOVE it. I still can't believe I got all 4 kids looking in the same general direction AND looking happy.

Now, Emma is pretty good at following directions & taking pictures, as is Audrey. Corbin, well, he's 19 months old so I'm going to have to snap quickly. Natalie, on the other hand. Oh boy. She has the attention span of a butterfly when it comes to asking her to stand still and look at me with a smile.

So yesterday, I took the twins outside for a trial run at a few pictures. I got a few good ones (nothing to really write home about), but oh man, the outtakes are hilarious. But first, the good ones:

And now...the outtakes (otherwise known as the pics I'll use for their graduation slideshow):

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  1. Some of those outtakes are framers for sure. They're incredible.

  2. LOVING the outtakes! Those are great! The last one is my favorite. :) They are adorable.


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