Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday

New outfits & ballet flats from Target

Cute boots from Walmart, of all places!

Boredom = Duck Dynasty beard app. Which is funny, because we've never watched Duck Dynasty

Corbin felt left out in his own room

I heard him knocking on his door asking to come out. It got quiet, and I found this


  1. Cute outfits. Your daughter's haircuts are adorable. Corbin is too funny falling asleep on the floor!

  2. I'm gonna have to look at Walmart today when we go grocery shopping for those boots!!

  3. Your children are precious. Love your blog!

  4. last pic just precious!!!!

    white lion moving company blogger group

  5. They are cute and pictures are nice. I hope you will push forward to publish more of them in the future.


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