About Me

I am a happy mom of four kids – three beautiful girls which includes a set of twins and a handsome baby boy. I am divorced from my first husband due to irreconcilable differences. I also consider as my eldest my second husband’s wonderful daughter who lives with us and serves as the big sister of our brood.

I started this blog because I just wanted to give thanks for the blessing of family. It was really hard conceiving my twin girls as I was diagnosed with PCOS when we were trying to start a family. I was not ovulating on a regular basis and I had to take drugs, primarily Clomid, which helped me get pregnant. After I gave birth, the stress of having twin girls and problems between my first husband and me became a source of irritation which eventually led to my divorce.

After a few years, I met a man who eventually became the second father of my twins and who gave me my youngest, a son.

It was then that I realized that things happen for a reason and it is just important to always see the silver lining in everything that you do.

This is the reason why I came up with this blog. I wanted to give hope to mothers like me who went through difficult times. I wanted to show them that things happen for a reason but it is not good to ever lose hope because things will eventually right itself. I also wanted to share with people my life learnings in the hope that you will learn from it it too. I hope that by sharing my thoughts in this website, you are also empowered to make great decisions, and decisions done with love in mind as I always try to do for my four kinds.