Family Craziness

I have a very unique family. You see my four kids are all quite special. My eldest – Stacey is my second husband’s daughter from a previous marriage. My twin daughters – Natalie and Rhian – are the products of my first marriage and my son, Vino, is the product of the love between me and my wonderful second husband, Edward.

Do you know how I found love for the second time? Well, my love story started at the playground, imagine that! My twins saw a little girl, that’s Stacey, and befriended her. They became fast friends that my twins would always nag me to go to the playground every week. Then every time that we went there, I used to see Edward seated on a chair and just reading from a newspaper.

Because our girls are fast friends, time came when we got to introduce ourselves to each other. Eventually, we started talking and discussing our likes and dislikes as well as discovering all the things that we had in common.

You could say that our love story was quite slow in building up. But because our daughters are close friends, we got to spend more time with each other. Until, we realized that we were both falling for each other. Imagine the happiness of our kids when they realized that we would become one family. I feel so happy to have been blessed with this kind of love for the second time and to have our daughters as the foundation of our love. Edward and I both feel that this second marriage for the both of us is a great blessing and something that not a lot of people get to enjoy in their lifetimes. We are just so happy that we were able to find each other amidst the chaos of life.